is an accessories brand by Janice Stanfield.  Founded in Oceanside, CA with the desire to create the chic yet functional bag she was looking for and could not find, Janice currently lives in South TX where she designs and makes every bag by hand in her small studio.

Stanfield is inspired by the outdoors and living simply, with a focus on things that are durable and last for years.  Likewise, our goods are about simplicity of design and functionality.  We create bags that work for you, hold up to daily use, and won’t mind getting caught in a rainstorm along the way.  Bags that compliment your active life, wherever you choose to go.

Our keep-it-simple design philosophy is not led by trends but rather an appreciation for utility and longevity - we value quality goods over fast-fashion.  Our goal is to create accessories that compliment your individual style and get you where you need to go with ease. 

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