How It All Started

Learning to sew from her mother at a young age and making most of her own clothes growing up, designer and founder, Janice Stanfield, began making bags based on her own personal need while working as an architectural designer. “I wanted something lightweight that I could travel to work with and not worry about it getting dirty or wet but still stylish and professional-looking.”  After receiving lots of compliments from friends and colleagues, Janice decided to start selling some of her bags, and Stanfield was born.

stanfield handbag designer studio space

Behind The Design

Inspired by the outdoors and years of working in the field of architecture, Janice’s designs fuse together these two elements of her longtime passions. She is the designer and creator behind every bag and a firm believer in durable, well-crafted design.  She is passionate about making things ethically and with great attention to detail, and believes that knowing where our products come from will bring greater meaning to them.

Janice focuses on living a simple life by creating goods that are understated, function driven and built to last.  She values quality goods over fast fashion - it’s not about how much of something you can own, it’s about quality over quantity.  It’s about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives.  

This keep-it-simple design philosophy is not led by trends but rather an appreciation for utility and longevity.  

The Bags

Stanfield designs durable canvas bags that are made to simplify your life through both functionality and aesthetic.

“I’m most drawn to clean lines and I like to keep my designs as simple as possible so they are easy to carry yet still functional - I believe less is more.” 

Every bag is meant to compliment your active life, day in and day out – from work to workout to weekend getaway and everything in between.  Stanfield creates bags that work for you, hold up to daily use, and won’t mind getting caught in a rainstorm along the way.

More About The Designer

Born and raised in Southern California, Janice has moved her small bag-making business three times throughout the US  (compliments of the military) and currently resides in South TX with her husband and two rescue pups.  When she’s not working in the studio or traveling to pop-up markets throughout the US, you’ll find her experimenting in the kitchen, reading and collecting interior design magazines, playing with her goofy pups or cycling with her husband.